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Hey friends, happy Monday! I hope it’s wonderful. I’ve been meaning to post for a while (months, actually) but I wasn’t quite sure what to write about. Now that I’ve graduated (can I get a “hallelujah”), I have the time to plan and write great things. This post, however, is more of a ramble of thoughts. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, it’s graduation season, and I don’t know about you, but almost everyone I know seems to be born in May.

This means gifts, cards, and more. So I have a few quick suggestions for you to grab in a pinch.

  1. Random things
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Mug, Urban Outfitters

This mug from Urban is one of my all-time favorite purchases, and it’s such an easy cheap gift. They have hilarious cards, mugs, and even clever socks – those are my go-to gifts.

2. Meaningful Tees

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100% Human Collection, Everlane

I ADORE this shirt from Everlane. First, I love the company. They provide┬ácomplete transparency on all of their products – how it’s made, cost of production, profits, etc. and they created this line – 100% human. The message is clear and simple – we’re all human, and only human. Everyone is and should be equal.

3. Quirky, cool gifts

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Giant 2017 calendar, Bando

Bando has the CUTEST gifts, and I think everyone knows someone with their planner. A gift card here is perfect, a planner, or an “I am very busy” t shirt (hint hint).



If you follow me on insta, then you know I’m in a long distance relationship. While the relationship sucks, the flowers that Jacob sends me are the opposite. Bouqs has the most gorgeous farm-fresh flowers, and I cannot wait to have a regular income so that I can have these delivered regularly. Shoutout to Jacob for finding the best flower delivery company.

That’s it for now, I can only write so much while watching Netflix (I’ll tell you what I’m watching in a later post).

I hope you have a great week, friends!





a few words

if you need a little encouragement these days, here you go. in the midst of all of the different feelings and opinions that may be covering your feed, sometimes you may feel lonely, angry, sad, mad, off, discouraged, the list goes on and on – this is no matter where you stand.

so as we go into a new week, I encourage you to keep being a good person. Love people, love yourself, take are of people, and take care of yourself. the world is a hurtful place and I’m full of feelings these days, I think we all are. keep being amazing, and if you need someone I’m around

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encouragement can be found anywhere

Charlotte weather is a joke

And if you’ve been here for long, I’m sure you know that. Last week, school was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday due to snow. By the end of the week, the temperatures were in the sixties. This range of weather in a short period of time can make styling hard – especially if you’re trying to look nice or if you hate being too warm/cold/etc. So, I have some ideas of 3 staple pieces for this weird season that truly make your life a bit easier to figure out.

First, turtlenecks. It seems that everyone is catching onto this style and I have one from Urban Outfitters that’s already paid itself off – I even went back for a second color.

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Sweater – Urban Outfitters (BDG Waffle Knit Turtleneck)

Next, Vans. I didn’t think that Vans would be such a staple in my style this fall/winter/spring, but they are! The white ones go with everything and are a playful addition to any outfit. I love them with the sweater I just showed you. I’m not going to show you a picture of my Vans because I have never taken a photo before I got them dirty – this is the only downside to the chic white Vans.

Staple scarf. I had always told myself that one flashy or super memorable piece could be a bad idea. I’d lived by the idea that something that people wouldn’t recognize was better, but this year I’ve changed my mind. This scarf I’ve gotten from Anthropologie was worn every day in Norway and almost every day since I’ve been home, coat or not.

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That’s all I have. Obviously this won’t get you everywhere, but if I show you my entire wardrobe in one post, why would I have a blog? Multiple turtlenecks in various colors, one (or two!) pairs of Vans in different colors, and a good scarf can take you many places.

Change your makeup/hair/color combo and swap jeans for black pants or leggings and you can go a while on this. I even went two weeks in Norway on almost this!

Hope you didn’t hate this post and that you’ll come back. I’m ready to talk either makeup or freepeople next.

xoxo, Alex